– RoboCop-drakta er bedre enn Batmans

Michael Keaton favoriserer RoboCop-drakten foran Batmans fra 1989.

I “RoboCop”, som har premiere 21. februar her til lands, spiller Hollywood-veteranen OmniCorps øverste leder, Raymond Sellers – som vil at hans roboter skal bli det heiteste innenfor håndtering av loven. Michael Keaton er ikke fremmed for svarte drakter. 62-åringen spilte i sin tid selveste Batman i Tim Burtons “Batman” fra 1989.

Keaton sier til SciFiNow‘s magasinformat at han er misunnelig på RoboCop-drakten. Batman-drakten var nemlig så stiv at han nesten ikke klarte bevege seg, mens RoboCops er så bevegelig at du lett kunne spilt tre sett tennis i den, ifølge ham selv. Dette sa Keaton om sine opplevelser i 1989:

“We didn’t see the suit before started shooting so we didn’t know if it was going to work. Then I realised I couldn’t do all the things I was going to because I physically couldn’t move, so all of my preperation and working out and martial arts; all of that was gone. I was really restricted, while with the RoboCop suit you can go out and play three sets of tennis in it!”

Warner Bros
Foto: Warner Bros

Videre forteller Keaton at han hadde klaustrofobi og slet med frykt hver gang han ble forvandlet til den mørke ridderen. Og at det hjalp ham.

I am claustrophobic, it was a test for me every day. When I first got it on I thought, ‘I’m never going to be able to do this!’. But soon I realised I didn’t have a choice. I never said anything to anybody about it, but my anxiety level was really high. I had to make it work for me and the character, so I said, ‘OK, this makes me even more distant from everybody; which was always an issue: how do you go from Bruce Wayne to Batman, and where does that transfer take place? The suit really helped me with that.

“RoboCop” er snaue to uker unna. Har du trua?